We’re so glad you’re here! The St. Jude the Apostle School Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is committed to promoting an valuable interaction between our parents, teachers and church community.  It is our goal to ensure our school community is well informed as we work together in the service of our children.

Upon joining our school community, all parents and teachers are enrolled into the membership of the PTG and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings.

The primary purpose of the PTG is to promote activities that enhance the welfare and educational experience of our students.  The PTG strives to fulfill the following goals:

  • To promote parental support for our school programs
  • To provide increased mutual understanding between our school and our parents
  • To raise funds for the benefit of our school
  • To build community between our school families to enhance the school experience



Principal: Mr. Freel

Faculty Representatives: 
Miss Vitelli & Miss Wilson

Communications: Kim Roumain

Presidents: Liz Clark and Mary Beth Wilk

Vice Presidents: Megan Goldberg and Sarah DuRoss

Secretary: Bianca Borne

Treasurers: Stephanie Fulkerson and Kristin Nino

Ways & Means: Jessica Browne, Stephanie Stone and Erica Ragen

Elementary Room Parent Coordinator: Allison Drew

Middle School Room Parent Coordinator: Jamie Luithly

Volunteer Coordinator: Lea Robison

Public Relations: Brooke Taylor and Peter Mitchell

Social Secretaries: Delali Young and Samantha Grass

Room Parent Coordinator K-5th: Allison Drew

Room Parent Coordinator 6th - 8th: Jamie Luitlhly

Christian Service: Yasmin Orlando

Volunteer Coordinator: Lea Robison

Enrichment Coordinator/Alumni Rep: Kara Lemma - Petrone